Annual Meeting set for May!

solo 40th anniv logoPlease join the Westfield Foundation at their 40th annual meeting on Tuesday, May 5th. The meeting will be held in the Westfield Memorial Library meeting room at 7pm. This is the perfect opportunity for the public to find out more about the Westfield Foundation and how they have touched peoples’ lives for the past 40 years.

Joining the current trustees will be many cornerstone members, members of the public and many grant recipients. Guest speakers at the meeting will be Russ Triolo, CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Union County, and Jonathan Phillips and Jackie Park Albaum from Groundwork Elizabeth.   Both agencies have been recipients of funding the past year. These speakers have great passion for what they are doing. Their work is both impressive and inspiring.

In the first quarter for 2015, the Foundation granted over $43,000 to 8 local organizations. These funds will be used to fund summer camp scholarships for 12 Westfield students, complete a community gardens project, upgrade a sprinkler system for a local theater, provide funding for a caregiver’s respite program, provide funding for a program which trains high school staff to recognize and respond to grief in the classroom, and training for a mentoring program working with at-risk kids. Recipients include Habitat for Humanity, The Westfield Community Players, Camp Speers-Eljabar, Restore Ministries, Alzheimer’s Association, Groundwork Elizabeth, Master Gardener’s of Union County and Imagine, Inc.

During 2015, the Board of Trustees will continue to seek projects that advance new initiatives and will have a substantial impact on the community. The Foundation’s priority is capital projects and providing seed money to support new programs while continuing to provide smaller grants that assist existing agencies on an annual basis.  One recent recipient of ‘seed money’ is the agency Roots and Wings ($40,000), an agency established to help young adults who have aged out of NJ’s foster care system.

Money to support the Foundation’s grants has been and continues to be provided by concerned and caring Westfield residents.



Thank you for your support!!

March, 2015

Dear Community members,

On behalf of the Westfield Foundation, I would like to thank the community members who recently donated to our annual campaign. The Foundation Board and the dozens of organizations we help throughout the year appreciate your generosity. This year, the annual campaign raised over $36,000 that was placed into our unrestricted fund and over $85,000 that was placed into individual family funds. Many families have found establishing funds are a great way to create a charitable legacy in Westfield.

The Westfield Foundation has a board of 15 community members who have been active in the Town and are committed to improving life in and around Westfield. The Foundation frequently meets with existing and new non-profit entities and seeks to provide grants that help initiate new projects. For example, recently the Foundation provided a grant to Roots & Wings – Union County, which helps address the needs of young adults who have aged out of the New Jersey foster care program.

If you have not already done so, I hope you will consider making a donation or creating a lasting legacy of philanthropy with the Westfield Foundation. One person can make a difference and everyone should try.

Thank you again for your support and generosity.




Russell M. Finestein

Westfield Foundation Board President

Announcing new Trustee and 3rd Quarter Grants

Westfield – The Westfield Foundation welcomes Gerard Abbattista to the board of the Westfield Foundation for 2014-15. Mr. Abbattista joins 14 other community leaders who donate their time and talent with the ultimate goal of supporting the ongoing efforts of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life in Westfield.

In the third quarter for 2014, the Foundation granted more than $88,000 to 9 local organizations. These funds will be used for furnishing a family center, the purchase of a hygiene shower chair for disabled patients, to launch a career program for youth, the purchase of blood pressure monitors, to fund Alzheimer caregiver support groups and to sponsor 2 LIFE Center courses for senior citizens in Westfield.

Recipients include: Home First, CONTACT We Care, Counseling Centers for Human Development, Jewish Family Services, Union County College Foundation, YWCA Eastern Union County, Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad, Community Access Unlimited and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Union County.

New Trustees and 2nd Quarter Grants Announced

Westfield – The Westfield Foundation welcomes three trustees to the board for 2014-15. The new trustees are community members Claudia Andreski, Robert Gorelick and Mark F. Swingle.

The Westfield Foundation is a local foundation whose goals include supporting the ongoing efforts of individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life in Westfield. The Foundation also offers support in bold new initiatives, most recently to Roots & Wings, an organization dedicated to helping young adults who have aged out of NJ’s foster care system. The seed money provided by the Foundation in the past has been instrumental to organizations such as IMAGINE and Furniture Assist to name a few.

In the second quarter for 2014, the Foundation granted more than $76,500 to 11 local organizations. These funds will be used in a mentoring program for WHS student interested in medicine, theater performances in Roosevelt and Edison intermediate schools, purchase of theatrical equipment, preservation and display of archives, a junior theater program, a holiday concert, groceries for children with cancer, development of a website and seed money for a program to help youth who are aging out of the foster care system in NJ. Recipients include: Arts Power, Trinitas Health Foundation, 117th Cavalry Association, Summit Speech School, Solid Brass Chamber Music Guild, Roots and Wings, Hedgehog & Feather Theatre Co., Emmanual Cancer Foundation, Literacy Volunteers of Union County, Youth & Family Counseling Service and the Cranford Dramatic Club. Additionally, the Foundation awarded $40,000 in scholarships and $16,250 for a summer jobs program.

Over the years a unique and popular opportunity for donor giving to the Westfield Foundation has been to establish a “legacy” fund in an individual or family’s name. The annual investment income from a legacy fund will support the Foundation’s yearly giving both immediately and in perpetuity, and is a lasting legacy of generosity for families in the Westfield community.

Money to support the Foundation’s grants has been and continues to be provided by concerned and caring Westfield residents.

New trustees for 2014 - 15: Mark F. Swingle, Claudia Andreski and Robert Gorelick.

New Foundation trustees for 2014 – 15:  Mark F. Swingle, Claudia Andreski and Robert Gorelick.