Your community foundation!

“Communities endure, but their needs change.

What better way to address the evolving needs of a

community over time, than for people to create a

pool of funds that will last forever.”

~ Inception of the Westfield Foundation, 1975.

Thank you!!!

Our annual campaign raised $36,000 for our unrestricted funds

and over $61,000 for individual family funds.

The Foundation could not continue our work,

making a difference one day at a time,

without your generosity.

Annual distributions, 2011

In 2011, the Foundation donated almost $245,000 to

42 organizations in and around Westfield.

Who we are:

  • The Westfield Foundation is a turn-key solution for individuals and families who want to leave a legacy in the community.
  • The Westfield Foundation is a good steward of the funds we hold and provide for a low-cost, the administration and management of these awards, grants, and scholarships.
  • We strongly believe people who can help others are the luckiest people in the world.
  • With your support, the Westfield Foundation will continue to enhance, enrich and enable those agencies and programs in need of financial assistance.

We are your community foundation,

working to make a difference in someone one’s life,

one day at a time.


For good…for ever…for Westfield.

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