Lee Hale and the Westfield Foundation

Lee Hale

In late January, the community of Westfield lost a leader among men, Lee Hale. Lee was a committed individual to many organizations throughout the area. Lee was ‘ Mr. Westfield’ for all he has done in and around the Westfield community throughout the years.   For us here at the Foundation, Lee will be remembered as one of the Foundation’s greatest champions.

Lee was a community leader of the old school; far more concerned about what he did than who knew about it.  He was a Westfield Foundation Board member from 1989 until 1995, and served as President from 1993-1995.  Lee was considered such a valuable member of the Board due to his vast community knowledge and financial expertise.

Lee leaves behind a storied legacy in the Westfield community.  He loved the Westfield Community and was committed to preserving its history and honoring its heroes.    He was a major supporter of converting the Reeve House into a museum for the Westfield Historical Society. He spearheaded the Westfield Athletic Hall of Fame, which biennially inducts some of Westfield’s most accomplished athletes.  More recently, he established the Westfield Hall of Fame to recognize the great figures in our community’s past.

Lee’s legacy continues.  In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that memorial donations be made to the Lee M. and Anne M. Hale Fund held here at the Foundation.  We are honored to be the gatekeepers of these funds.   Once the funds are collected the family will direct how they are to be disbursed, in line with Lee’s many interests here in town.

Lee will be remembered as a doer and his legacy will live on for generations.

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”
C.G. Jung

Click here for Mr. Hale’s obituary.

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