Grant applications are reviewed quarterly.

Deadlines for receipt of completed applications are

Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.


The Westfield Foundation is a tax exempt, charitable organization committed to improving the quality of life in Westfield and its surrounding communities, through the distribution of grants that advance education, the arts, cultural activities, civic, health and human services, community development and historical resources.


All proposals that show promise of making a significant contribution to the welfare of the community and its citizens are given careful consideration.  Because funds available for distribution are limited, the Foundation favors awarding grants for community needs not capable of being met from other sources, and does not generally fund repetitive or ongoing programs.

In addition to adherence to the Foundation’s grant criteria, grant requests are evaluated on their plans for implementation.  The Foundation is supportive of organizations that seek funding from other sources and demonstrate the ability to continue programs after a Foundation grant expires.

Foundation grants are available for definite programs and for projects covering a specified time. Grantees are expected to strictly adhere to the stipulated terms of the grant.

Applications for grants must be submitted digitally by the first of January, April, July or October to be considered at the Trustee Meetings in February, May, September and November.

Grant awards are determined by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees present.

All grant applications will receive a written response on the decision of the Board of Trustees after each quarterly meeting.

Contact the Foundation here for more information.

At the conclusion of the grants period, grantees are expected, upon request, to submit an accounting of all disbursements and a narrative report comparing accomplishments with objectives.

Grant recipients are expected to publicly acknowledge the Foundation’s contribution in any publicity or printed material generated.

Any unexpended funds must be returned to the Foundation.

The Foundation favors grants for programs or projects that:

  • Focus primarily on Westfield and its surrounding communities
  • Provide innovative responses to recognized community needs
  • Focus on education; the arts and cultural activities; civic, health and human services; community development; and the conservation and preservation of historic resources
  • Enable agencies and institutions to improve their services to the local community
  • Improve the managerial and fundraising capability of agencies and institutions, including increasing volunteer involvement
  • Address and support positive community change

The Foundation does not favor grants for: 

  • Operating support such as rent, salaries or any expense that is repetitive or continuing
  • Financing deficits
  • Travel expenses
  • Private or parochial schools
  • Religious activities
  • Legislative activities or political campaigns
  • Hospitals, except for programs with a strong Westfield orientation
  • Reimbursement or retro-funding for projects substantially or already completed, or to replenish agency resources used to pay for such purposes

No grants are made to individuals, or to religious organizations for religious activities, or to other organizations for legislative activities or political campaigns.

Foundation Grant Application Form