Make a difference today and into the future.

Effectively time and lock-in your charitable contributions and deduction.

You may claim an income tax deduction at the time of the gift to your Donor-Advised Fund (including the full fair market value of appreciated securities), and if necessary, you may carry the deductions forward over the next five years.

Administer your charitable giving efficiently.

We will handle disbursements, mail checks to recipient organizations, and send you periodic reports.  A Donor-Advised Fund eliminates the need to obtain a receipt for each of your gifts to individual charities.  You do not need to obtain receipts for grant distributions from the Fund, since your tax deductible gift is acknowledged immediately upon contribution to the Fund.  We will send you acknowledgments when you make additional gifts to the Fund.

Protect your charitable giving from capital gains taxation.

Charitable gifts of appreciated property are untaxed.  Moreover, such gifts are deductible from income at the current fair market value at the time of giving.

Create your legacy of giving.

By creating a Westfield Foundation Donor-Advised Fund, you make it possible to leave a permanent legacy for your philanthropic interest.  Upon the death of the last surviving adviser, the fund will continue as a permanently named endowment.  This allows you to build a lasting legacy and to perpetuate the name you select for the Fund.

How can you make a difference today?
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