Foundation Park

Upcoming events at Foundation Park:

July – August 2016: Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz Festival

June, 2016 – Foundation Park is a joint project of the Westfield Foundation and the Town of Westfield commemorating 40 years of community service by the Westfield Foundation.  Foundation Park is located across from the South Avenue Circle.

The park will be used as a venue for Jazz Night and other Town events.

The area is scheduled to be completed with landscaping and lighting by early July, so it can be used as a venue for the DWC’s Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz Festival, held on Tuesday evenings in July and August.

The concept and the design for Foundation Park was created by Craig Stock of Craig Stock Landscape Design.

The following companies contributing either materials or labor to help create the park:

Additional support was given by the Mayor and Town Council of Westfield, as well as the Town Administrator, James Gildea, and the Town Engineer, Kris McAloon, and the employees of the Westfield Department of Public Works.

In the news:

June, 2016: Foundation Park Underway

June, 2015: Foundation Park to Renovate Green Space