Foundation Announces 1Q and 2Q grants in 2020

Westfield – For 45 years, the Westfield Foundation has provided funding support in the areas of the arts, health, aging, historic preservation, social services and civic projects.  The Foundation has granted $7,200,000 to over one hundred local organizations in and around Westfield.

For the first quarter of the 2020, the Foundation granted $104,200 from their general fund and additional $17,465 from the Irna Wagner and Lydia Hoffart Fund.  The trustees granted funds to 6 local organizations, including: New Jersey Festival Orchestra, Roosevelt Intermediate School in Westfield, Mostly Music, Somerset Co. YMCA, Jewish Family Services, and the Westfield United Fund.  These funds include the support of outreach programs, equipment for a STEM lab, after school childcare, and repair of a recreational area. The Westfield Foundation donated $30k to the We Love Local fund.  The fund was established to assist independently owned local businesses in Westfield impacted by COVID.  The Wagner/Hoffart Fund, established in 2011, grants funds to organizations serving senior citizens.   The recipients were Arts by the People and Jewish Family Services

The time of COVID fully hit the Westfield area during the second quarter of 2020.  The Foundation granted $69,550 to 9 local organizations.  Recipients included Trinitas Hospital Foundation, Community Access Unlimited, Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, Union County College Foundation, Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, Reeves-Read Arboretum and the Westfield Service League. The funds helped to purchase COVID equipment, provide emergency funds for organizations, roof repair for a local service organization as well as provide scholarships for summer youth employment programs.

In addition to supporting capital projects of established social service agencies in the community, the Westfield Foundation has also been and important resource of ‘seed money’ for smaller organizations and emerging needs.  Programs started with seed money include: IMAGINE NJ, Roots & Wings, Westfield Symphony Orchestra (now the NJ Festival Orchestra, the WHS Ice Hockey team, and the WHS Rowing Club.   The Foundation also established the Foundation Park for the Westfield community.

Creating a Westfield Foundation Donor-Advised Fund is one way for your family to leaving a legacy to the Westfield community.  By creating a family fund, you make it possible to leave a permanent legacy for your philanthropic interest.  Money to support the Foundation’s mission and grant distribution has been and continues to be provided by concerned and caring citizens of Westfield.

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Miller-Cory House Gets New Lease on Life Through a Grant from The Westfield Foundation

Feature article on TAP of Westfield: Westfield’s Living History Museum Lives on Thanks to Westfield Foundation Grant

Westfield – The Miller-Cory House Museum was established by the Westfield Historical Society in 1972 and is a nationally recognized historic site.  The volunteer members of the museum are dedicated to the preservation of the 18th century dwelling, its grounds and gardens.  As a “living museum” open to the general public, the museum’s purpose is to recreate not only the atmosphere, but also the everyday activities of colonial life.

The property has been a fixture in Westfield since 1740 and has served the community as the town’s first and only colonial living history museum.

Over the years, the roof of the museum has been deteriorating and in desperate need of repair.  The delicate renovation requires the use of historically accurate materials which are not easy to come by and very costly and requires a contractor with expertise in historically appropriate materials to maintain the historical accuracy of the living museum. 

In the spring of 2020, the Westfield Foundation was approached to provide funding for this project.  The Board of Trustees of the Foundation approved a $140,000 grant to accomplish the goal.  This grant was funded by the Bertha Bogaert Fund, a fund established in the Foundation by bequest under the will of Ms. Bogaert and has been designated to provide significant funding to major projects in the Westfield area.  Other projects funded by the Bogaert Fund have included a $400,000 grant to the Mindowaskin Park playground, a $93,000 grant to equip a STEM classroom at Westfield High School, a $200,000 grant to the Westfield Y capital campaign, and others.

Since 1975, the mission of the Westfield Foundation has been to provide funding support in the arts, health, aging, historic preservation, social services and civic projects.  In pursuit of these goals, the Foundation has granted over $7,000,000 to various organizations.