Foundation_executive board 2013-14
New executive Board for 2013-14: Howard Cohen, Secretary; Alice Fertig, Treasurer; Richard Coltrera, Vice President; and Bill Foley, President.











The Executive Board for 2012-13. (l to r): Richard Coltrera, Vice-President; Alice Fertig, Treasurer; William Foley, President; and Donnell Carr, Secretary.

Gail Cassidy, former president of the Foundation, speaks about the commitment of Gerry and Lee to the community. (6/11)
Lee Hale and Gerry Glasser receive recognition for their support of the Foundation and the Westfield community. (6/11)
Bill Foley accepts a donation from the estate of Lydia Hoffert (6/11)
Charles Kroloff, retiring President of the Westfield Foundation, poses with Anthony Cook, the new President for 2010-12. Photo courtesy of Susan Cook. (5/10)
Retiring after six years (each) of faithful service to the Foundation: Warren Hanscom, Lois Healy and Charles Kroloff. (5/10)